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Project Phases

These are the steps I follow to carry out your project:


The first step is to sign the contract and down payment to start the work process. All payments are made by check, deposit or bank transfer. To design a website you have the option to sign the maintenance and accommodation contract for 12 months.


Discovery Phase

Once the payment is made, I will send you the Creative Brief where I ask you to answer the questions to learn more about your company. The information provided in this summary will help me better understand who you are as a company and what I can do to improve your business image and online presence.


Concept Creation

Once I have received all the necessary information for the design, I will immediately begin to elaborate your project. All the information provided in your report will be used to create a unique concept for your business.


Prototype Aproval

Your will have the opportunity to review your project and provide some comments on the design. This is a critical time to make the changes you want before starting to design the final product.


Design Development

Once you have approved the prototype of your project, I will begin developing the final design and/or coding your fully functional website.



When I finish developing you project and/or coding your website, a pre-launch will be made. I will send you the temporary URL so you can visit your project and/or website to verify any irregularities before officially launching it.


Final Design

As soon as you have approved the finished product, I will launch your new site to the URL you have chosen and then prepare with final finishes for SEO purposes. For projects based on graphics and motion, you will have access to your files in the Customer Portal.


Last Check

Check your project and website several times and make sure that I am not missing any information. After this stage, you will be charged extra for any changes or updates to your project and website.