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El Bajío 50 years

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El Bajío is a family-owned corporation with nineteen restaurants. It was established in 1972 in Mexico City. It offers traditional Mexican cuisine from different regions of Mexico. El Bajío is celebrating 50 years of cooking authentic Mexican food and enhancing Mexican culture.

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El Bajío came to me to create a logotype and the design concept for the 50th Anniversary celebration. To maintain the characteristics of the El Bajío logo, I took the typography and the symbol and adapted new elements to the geometry to play with the visual proportion. The number fifty was custom-designed and subtly incorporated without losing the personality of the El Bajío brand.

The seasonal logo is carefully designed and intended to be flexible and easily incorporated into the visual identity, animations, marketing materials, and brand touchpoints.

The colors and handicraft work that decorate El Bajío establishments inspired the overall design concept. I created a bright secondary color palette and developed round patterns to evoke a festive design language. The pictograms of sugar skulls, hearts, and Mexican cookware illustrate the core values of El Bajío. Passion for preserving the authentic flavors of Mexican food and its traditions.

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